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This map was pretty good accept for SOTW I'd say. We had an issue with OVH and we finally switched off of them and the lag issues were fixed with ddosing. We decided to do a shorter map this time around to introduce all of the new features for the next map and the things you guys have been waiting and wanting for a long time now.

SOTW is going to be this Saturday (2/18/17) at 1PM EST
We are doing SOTW an hour early this time for EU players to make sure they can play.

Some new features for next map which will be randomly added through the map are:

  • /ores - will show how many ores you or a player has mined
  • /focus - if you are in a faction fight and a member types /focus (name), there name will change to purple so your faction can spot the target to kill. This will last for 60 seconds and has cooldown of 5 minutes.
  • Scheduled Koths - Koths will start every 3 hours
  • /cobble and /stone - when you are mining if you type /cobble you won't pick up cobblestone or if you type /stone you won't pick up stone
  • New Anticheat - we have a new anticheat under developement which will be autobanning blatant cheaters.
  • EU proxy - eu.veltpvp.com will eventually be a thing for all EU players to get better latency.
  • Bard Fix - the effects with bard will be fixed
  • New Builds - all new builds for next map never seen before
  • New Glowstone Mountain
  • Flame Bows - players will now be able to enchant flame bows
  • Map: The map will be a lot longer this time around 3 or 4 weeks.
  • /playtime - see how long a player has played for

  • 5 Man Factions
  • 1 Ally
  • 10 Minute Koth times


  • 15 Man Factions
  • 0 Allies
  • 15 Minute Koth times

Map Kit:

  • Protection 2, Sharpness 2

End of the World
End of the world will be this Friday (2/17/17) at 5PM EST.
  • At 5 PM EST, all factions will be set to raidable and permanent death bans will take place....

So obviously as you've seen the ddos and lag issues have been resolved. This is what has mainly been holding me back from making any changes to the server because we needed to fix those issues first. Now that they are fixed we are looking to add many new things to the server.

Please reply to this thread with things you want added and make sure you give a very good description of what it does. Like I see how lots of people want me to add /focus but I have no clue what that means or what it does.

We will diffidently consider each and everything on this thread as long as the community would want to see it on our server.

So just reply to this thread with things you want added or changed and make sure you explain them very specifically.



I really don't know how to start this off at all. The amount of things that happened this week are more things that I think has happened in the entire time the server has been up. So lets start this off

That entire time we were down we were preparing for SOTW to make sure it didn't lag. The Issues with the rank plugin was fixed and there was no lag at all.

SOTW day comes and oh boy were there a lot of things. Now to start it off there were five commands people could type and it would crash the server instantly. We found those five commands out and denied people from using them. Random crashes were occurring because of that.

Now the next part is the non-stop ddos attacks. Velt was targeted by another HCF server owner who had paid a large hacking group to ddos our server. The server was held offline for a good couple hours in total. I finally had enough with OVH's ddos protection.

I bought new ddos protection which protects most of the big minecraft servers. This is the best ddos protection by far. It costed me around $500 to get that setup. Good news is that we will no longer be getting ddosed.

Now the next story happened before all of this. Now to add to the shit storm of the server getting ddosed and server getting crashed a senior-admins account was jacked. What was possibly the worst attempt of an ETB I've ever seen in-game occurred. Nothing was done in-game at all but what we suffered from was our website. The platform admin had FULL perms to the website and with his account being hacked he also got into his forums account. This person then went onto deleting our entire forums. Nothing we could really do about that except come back and make a new one 10 times better which is what we've done. Because of this everyone is going to have to re-register on the website.

Now the next thing is with kitmap. Some how kitmap has a corrupt chunk so whenever someone logs in the server instantly crashes and reboots. We will be doing a kitmap reset within the next...