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    We are accepting around 10-15 new staff. Apply!

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  2. Applied already
  3. So have I :) good luck everyone!
  4. i started a conversation with u please respond
  5. Love when this happens =D
  6. dam my app was made Jul 1, 2016 hopefully it gets checked soon
  7. Hey Suilium im really hyped
    everyone GoodLuck!
  8. 10 people already accepted its to late o-o unless he is going to 15
  9. ik but he is still accepting staff
  10. Applied, Good luck to everyone!
  11. Also applied, good luck.
  12. Applied, good luck everyone :D
  13. Age:
    14 years old



    How many hours can you play each day?
    I can play up to 5-6 hours depending if I have anything else to do.
    Have you had any past experience?
    I have not had any past experience but i know how to be an excellent staff member
    Are you staff on any other servers currently?
    Not currently.

    Why should you be chosen as a staff member?
    The reason why I should be chosen as a staff member is becuase many people need help on Velt PvP & There arent many as active people when im on so yea. Im also very chill & im not a squeaker
    Why do you want to become staff?
    The reason being behind this staff application is for myself to keep VeltPvP a good server & not meant to be for hacking. For example on SOTW many people need help & Staff cant alwats get around to other people & i just want to help.
    These are questions that I have added

    About me:
    I'm 17 years old from California and I love Minecraft. I've played Minecraft since 2014 and never stopped having fun. I have Owned/maintaining a server, & i configurated all plugins.
  14. erm you do not apply here you apply under the apply for staff section on the forums and make sure you follow the format i am not sure if you new that but erm gl
  15. LOL SHIT
  16. yeah its okay you can delete it by clicking tools and go and make one on apply for staff page
  17. Probably two more are gonna be accepted. Good luck!
  18. Good luck to everyone

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