Important Approved Mods

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  1. Any mods not in this list are recognized as unapproved mods and you will be punished if found using them. Below is the list of approved mods that you are allowed to use
    • Optifine
    • ArmorStatusHUD
    • StatusEffectHUD
    • DirectionHUD
    • bspkrsCore
    • Batty’s Coordinates
    • ToggleSneak
    • PlayerAPI
    • BetterSprint
    • ReiMinimap without Entity/Player Radar VoxelMinimap without Entity/Player Radar
    • Schematica (The “Printer” feature is NOT allowed / No schematica Reach) & the Core Mod: LunatriusCore
    • Kohi TCPNoDelay
    • Saturation Display
    • Daytime Mod
    • ShinyPots
    • KeyStrokes Mod
    • CPS Mod
    • Fast Chat
    • Gamma Bright
    Got a mod which should be allowed? Speak to a member of staff.
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Thread Status:
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