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Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by Bye, Dec 12, 2016.

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  1. IGN (Include Previous Names Also): Bye, Dribble.

    Also own, Cry, Moo, Fan, Loss, Chance and Dribble.

    Age: 18

    Timezone: GTM

    Location: UK

    Gender: Male

    How many hours can you play each day? 2 hours +

    Have you had any past experience? Yes. I am currently factions moderator on the royalty network. I've held staff on this server for about 6 months now and have gained experience and knowledge from this. I was also staff on the SNW network. I became Factions admin on there and dealt mainly with in game support and buy craft. I was staff on the SNW servers for about 2 years previous to become staff on royalty.

    Are you staff on any other servers currently? Yes. RoyaltyPVP Moderator.

    Why should you be chosen as a staff member? I have knowledge and experience in identifying hackers, executing screen shares successfully and finally I have learned how to correctly approach a player who needs support or assistance in the best possible manner. I also feel I should be chosen as staff because I feel you lack EU staff members. I've been waiting in TS for support for 4+ hours during EU times, having someone who can be active as well as having the correct knowledge to help players on the network would in my opinion be a valuable asset to the team.

    Why do you want to become staff? I want to become staff as I feel you lack EU staff members and having players in your network including myself. I also would like to become staff as your network is awesome, and I feel having a new member on your team to help deal with pressure put on the staff and with previous knowledge and experience would be a valuable asset. Finally, I'd like to connect to the network and its players in more ways than I currently can would be something I'd like to pursue and take further.

    Plus, I have an OG names :p
  2. OG Name.
    • New to forums
    • Add more to last questions
    • Can't be staff if your staff on a diffrent server
    Good Luck!
  3. Thanks for the feedback
    You too :)
  4. This man is not credible as he has used the wrong "you're". This man has also spelled "different" wrong. Watch out for people like this man folks.
  5. Thanks for looking out for the community. I'll keep my eye out.
  6. Add more detail
    And you cant be staff on another server
  7. Thanks for the feedback. Can someone show me where it says this about being staff on another server. I see nothing in the rules?
  8. This man/woman can't be trusted. He/she has started his/her sentence with the word "and" and forgot to add an apostrophe in the word "can't". He/she has forgotten how to use periods at the end of his/her sentence.
  9. Neutral
    • Add more detail
    • Cannot be staff on another server
    • OG name :)
  10. DENIED

    Lack of experience and lack of detail.
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