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    Minecraft Username:


    Previous Experience:
    I've had a lot of previous staff experience. I have been staff on 3 servers now fist one was fatalitynetwork. Fatalitynetwork was a server of 50-100 daily and i learned a lot from that time as staff. Other two were smaller more like 5-25 player base server learned a little but not as much as i did from fatalitynetwork.I know I haven't been staff on a lot of servers but I feel that i can still fit the need. I will make sure to ask or look up anything I do not know. I will asking better staff what I do not understand and I will make sure to learn from it and remember what I learned. I learn all the basic commands of a helper as /mute /tempban /kick and more I learned a lot from being staff on FatalityNetwork and being staff on the smaller server more for fun then anything else though. I do know the commands for HCF for the most part and I will learn anything else that I need to know. I know how to SS I'm pretty good at telling if someone is xraying or using killaura I have hacked myself in the past ( Don't anymore and I won't ever again ) so I can tell when others use it. Also I've been learning a lot of SS skills and I'm an Ex-Owner of a new Practice server coming out.

    Timezone and Country:

    Timezone: EST+ Country: United States

    Estimated Schedule:

    Monday | 3:30pm-8:00pm
    Tuesday | 3:30pm-8:00pm
    Wednesday | 3:30pm-8:00pm
    Thursday | 3:30pm-8:00pm
    Friday | Depends on plans
    Saturday | Will be on for major events and things that need to be dealt with
    Sunday | Will be on for major events and things that need to be dealt with

    Skills and Reasons:
    I feel that you should pick me because I would really enjoy being a player/staff member on Velt PvP and I feel that as a staff member I could give back to the community and do my job to the best of my abilities and in general be a active and very helpful staff member.I also may not have the most but I do have some Staff Experience with some some what good player base servers such as Fatality Network I learned a lot from being a helper on there. I will do my best of my to solve what ever the problem it may be and if I do not understand or don't feel that I can solve the problem I would talk to higher staff members about the problem and ask them for advice so that I can solve it by myself so that if the same problem happens again I can solve it by myself. I also plan on being a very active staff member and if I can not be on I will tell higher up staff members that I won't be on and why I won't be on for what ever time it may be that I won't be on for. I also would be very active on the forums and team speak server so if any players need help on the forums or team speak I can help them on there and as I said if I don't understand the problem or feel that I can't help them I would ask a higher up staff member for advice on how to solve the problem so if it happens again I could solve it by myself. I also know when to mute / kick / temp ban or ban people I know Velt PvP may have different rules since I have been staff but over all I know when to use those commands but overall I know how to use those commands in the right way. I really do think I am perfect fit for what the Velt PvP Staff Team is looking for active and mature staff members which I am very mature and I still mess around but when work needs to be done I do my job and don't mess around when doing it pretty much what I am saying I like to have fun and mess around but if I need to do a job such as help a player I do it without messing around. I also am not afraid to let everyone know my opinion on something such as if they are adding a new plugin or server and let them know what I feel about it although it may not change if they add it or not its still good to but your own input on it. I know how to deal with players who are don't follow the rules on the server, forums or teamspeak in the right way without making a scene or anything in that nature. Overall I feel like I can do a lot for Velt. I may not be known by everyone and may not have been playing for all that long but I still think I can be a great staff member and I feel like it would be a huge honor to become staff on Velt

    I know there is a lot to read here xD. So I'm just gonna add some things here so if you are skimming through for an another time you can look here! It's been a while since I've screen shared But I still have an Idea of what to do! I'm not really bias. I mean if my older factions are gonna play I'm going to treat them like everyone else. I'm not going to give anyone priority over anyone else unless it comes to YouTubers or someone who has proof over someone who does not have proof. Also I do have a skill into knowing what the players want and what they want the outcome to be.

    Other Information:

    You should pick me because I'm a nice, helpful, loving, caring for other people kind of person. I would make a great addition to staff because I am active and love to help who ever. I want to help everyone have the best of time I will put my time and effort into this server, I will do everything in my power to make this server #1 over all, I will help keep server activity up and keep going up. If I become staff I will listen, I will do, what is ask of me will become done. I am get it done now type of person not i'll do it later type. I put time into everything I do and I will do my part in making the best server possible. I want to do my best and give it my all at everything I do, and I just want this to be one of them.

    Also I would just like to add that if you are going to say "-1" Please explain the reasoning so I can fix some of the issues :D
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  3. +1 great details
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  4. +1, very informative
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  5. Thanks! Took A long time to work on!
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  6. Np xoxoxo
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  7. 1+ good amout of information.
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  8. Thanks Man!
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  9. Yea Man took a lot of time!:)
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  10. Childly you have good amout of positive details which is needed into the veltpvp community seems like you will be a good staff on here if you get chosen. Hope we both could get staff and try to get along
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  11. Thank you, Tank you Good Luck on your Staff app!
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  12. gl my dude you deserve it alot my dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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  13. Thanks Hope i get Staff!
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  14. Lack of detail.

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