Denied DDos threat

Discussion in 'Denied Reports' started by Tiggerz, Jan 6, 2017.

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  1. Username (IGN): Tiggerz

    User(s) Reporting: KysHerobrine

    Server hacker was on?: Practice

    Reason for Reporting: Ddos threats

    Time(s) to watch:

  2. That kinda looks like he is asking what they are going to do with that proof. Just saying staff may take it as that and not a threat.
  3. true but as you can see they are arguing and saying do you like ddos that is a threat but can be taken as a question like Do you like to cook toast on your router?
  4. Yeah now I see I misunderstood what was going on in that situation my b :p
  5. Its all good my dude <3 just trying to get some hackers banned I might go for staff soon just so I can clean them up my self and don't have to wait so they keep making people rage and quit ect
  6. +1 have some solid proof.
  7. Hello,
    This player has been dealt with.
    Thanks for the report.
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