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  1. Alright I've noticed this is a huge problem of veltpvp considering i've tested this theory myself, one time I

    fell from at least 120 blocks with regular protection one, and feather falling four, and I was missing one

    heart, and I lived with one heart which I still have yet to understand today, if you would like to see that clip

    of me surviving that fall I will link it to this post in a few hours, and later that day I had full prot two

    unbreaking three, only the boots were prot one, with feather falling I only lived 70 blocks highest... which

    makes absolutely no sense, and after I lived the 120 block fall with protection one, I tried it again with full

    health next time died...
  2. That's what happens when you have feather falling IV and block with your sword.
  3. IDK I've had it happen on Kitmap. Like on Heaven Koth you die normally if you fall off but sometimes it just doesn't happen and only drop half your hearts.
  4. Its like that on a lot of servers. Idk how to fix it but ill try to get a admin in here @FFQ
  5. Thats just how it is lots of servers have their FF4 different and it can be buggy
  6. Please do not bump the staff team as all it does is annoy them, this is in the bug report section so a staff will come but please do not nag them like that.
  7. It's not a bug feather falling has a chance of working and doesn't, its minecraft.
  8. ok :(
  9. Haha, don't take it like that, I was just telling you so that you could improve for the future.
  10. welcome to minecraft my lovely mineman
  11. Bitch he can do what he wants who are you anyways lmao fucking wanna be staff member
  12. Firstly, yes I do want to be a staff member, take a gold medal for noticing that.
    Secondly, "who are you"... go to the 'Noteable Members' section, you'll find me there.
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  13. [​IMG]
    On BIGHCF I fell 10 blocks at and feather falling 4 and died That is the issue

    Rank: Suprive

  14. Bug Report Forwared. Thank you!

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