Map 11 SOTW + Giveaway + Apply for Staff

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  1. VeltPvP Map 11 SOTW

    Welcome to our Map 11 SOTW Announcement. All connection and lag issues have been 100% fixed for this map. We were down for around a day fixing all of these issues. We are happy to present to you the 11th map of VeltPvP.

    In order to celebrate Map 11 we will be giving away three juggernaut ranks. Watch the video below to figure out how to enter:

    VeltPvP Map 11 SOTW Time
    • October 29th (Saturday), ~2:00PM EST.
    VeltPvP Kit (VOTE)
    We will update you shortly once the decision has been made for the kit.

    Extra Information
    • We will be switching back to our old cobblestone roads.
    • We will be implementing our new site that is based off our forums very soon.
    • Many other bug fixes for a smooth experience.
    • All new fresh builds
    • Kitmap reset very soon :)
    Closing Points
    I hope you guys get on for SOTW. We've been working very hard for this upcoming map. I hope you all get on and have a good time.

    Have a good map!

    Much love, Sulium <3
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  2. Legit, last map was the shittiest map ever. Idk anymore tbh that last one killed the server a bit :/
  3. Can u please extend the map? I hate it how its only 2 weeks.
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  4. Nice! HYPED
  5. That's why I stopped playing Velt
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  6. Fucking hyped
  7. If you are going to do a kitmap reset (which would kinda suck thb), PLEASE add the shop back with crowbars. Favorite time on Velt was setting up a pearl catchers using multiple spider grinders :). Tons of fun, and it would be cool to get those back. And, you should also do a kitmap EOTW thing. That would be loads of fun :D

    Also, please make maps a least 3 weeks long!!!
  8. Wow the only reason I played was because of the roads. wtf. Screw the cobble roads. You won't see me on
  9. Hype! Can't wait to get on and record
  10. Hyped
    I hope everyone has a good time. :)
  11. Can we please fix the aids kb its really anoying
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  12. #HYPE #VeltpvpMap11

    Please extend the maps
    Also I missed the cobble roads LOL now I can't get ganked in those lil corners of the big idk what it is but something!! idk LOOL
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  13. Great! Although I missed the giveaway. :(

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