Important Map 13 SOTW + Apply for Staff!

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  1. VeltPvP Map 13 SOTW

    Welcome to our Map 13 SOTW Announcement. We have spent this waiting time fixing all bugs from last map. We are happy to present to you the 13th map of VeltPvP.

    VeltPvP Map 13 SOTW Time

    • December 10th (Saturday) - 2:00PM EST

    VeltPvP Map Kit (VOTE)
    • BigHCF - Protection 1, Sharpness 1
    • MiniHCF - Protection 1, Protection 1
    Remember this is what you guys voted for.

    VeltPvP Map 13 Potions
    • Speed: All
    • Fire Resistance: None
    • Invisibility: None
    • Instant Health: All

    Extra Information
    • (Return of Bard on MiniHCF).
    • KOTH's will be running every 3 hours.
    • Potions that didn't work from last map are now fixed and enabled.
    • Knockback has been slightly edited and is now better.
    • More KOTH's and fun events throughout the map.
    • We are looking for about 10 new staff members so apply on the forums!
    Closing Points
    • Make sure you get on for SOTW. Everything will be awesome and lots of people will be on. Make sure you are there.

    Have a great map!

    - VeltPvP
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  2. I'm blacklisted because of Aluha abused but Velt is going to be the same shitty server with shitty anti-cheat op stuff because to Sulium (money whore) he thinks this is op factions. Inactive staff, can't /f home with ender pearl tag. And the stupidest thing is the f homing with pvp timer.
  3. Goodluck everyone!
  4. Good luck to everyone!!!
  5. #Hype Good Guys!
  6. Demoted???
  7. you should add this, when you break iron, it tures in to iron. Not iron ores just Iron
  8. #Hype good luck everyone
  9. Can you make it so nametags cant be seen while invis in 1.8?
  10. You can't do that, that's just how minecraft is
  11. Dojos: voice of an angle
  12. What??
    NoEnchants is winning tf?

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