Map 14 EOTW and Map 15 SOTW Information

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    So it was a three week map this time! Hope you guys liked it as it was well requested. EOTW will be this Friday at 5PM EST and SOTW will be the following day (Saturday) at 2PM EST.

    To Celebrate we are going to be giving away Myth on our twitter! (Click Here)


    5:00PM EST
    • Factions Raidable
    • Deathbans will be reset
    • Permanent deathbans till SOTW will be introduced
    • Spawn set to pvp
    5:45PM EST
    • Spawn Cap Zone will go live

    The cappers of EOTW will receive a rank upgrade to whatever rank they currently have.

    After EOTW has been capped, an FFA event will start. Again winner of the FFA will receive a free rank upgrade.

    Once again I would like to thank all of you for playing this map. By far our most successful map. During Christmas break there were 300+ people on daily which is actually insane and reminds me why I am doing this for everyone.

    For information Mini will be 5 man factions with 1 ally, Big will be 15 man factions with no allies. Both Kits on both Big and Mini will be P2S2.

    Changes for Map 15
    • New Ban Plugin and Blacklist System
    With our new ban plugin it will make it a lot easier for staff and prevent as many cheaters as possible. When you get banned it bans all of the IP's you've logged in with. We will no longer have to deal with ban evading unless the user logs on a different account with a VPN they've never logged in with which brings me to the next subject.
    • AntiVPN improvement
    We are going to be pushing an update for our anti-vpn which will be blocking pretty much every VPN. We've got a new API which is very very good. Basically once a cheater gets banned they will never return unless they purchase an unban or appeal and get accepted.

    • Bard Improvement
    A lot of you have made us aware of this change. When you right click sugar it will give your faction members speed 3 now. When you right click the jump boost it will give you and your faction members jump boost 8.

    • End Spawn
    This most requested change by far, end spawn is going to be both removed on big and mini next map.

    • Unbans
    Instead of having only one unban instead we will be selling Unban #1, Unban #2, and Unban #3, once you get banned more then 3 times you are automatically blacklisted and can't purchase an unban.

    We will hope to see you all there for EOTW and SOTW! #HYPE
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  2. Sounds lit
  3. Finally a Kit change! And a Ally change! This maps going to be fun!
  4. How about remove end spawn? Nerf Crate keys? Lower Sotw timer. Improve KB, add flame to bows?
    These things do not take a lot of time to do, apart from the nerfing of crate keys. You have got around 3 and a half days, please try implement some of these things.
  6. This is fantastic!! Finally more competition as there are no allies :)

    Looking forward to map 15, thank you for working hard for better services :)
  7. Sounds lit Sulium! Cant wait to be able to play! :D

    Thanks for working so hard to suit the suggestion of the community!
  8. updated thread, sorry forgot that.
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  10. hype! Good luck to everyone
    Have a Good map!
  11. [​IMG]

    Fucking Lit
    Are you adding chain class. Rogue

  12. For the 5pm start for eotw people from Canada can't play because usually for school ends at 3 so next map make it on a weekend it will be better.
  13. Make it at like 5:30 and cap starts at 6:00 ppl in canada and pst and other places cant play );
  14. Hi my name is Jaxon I recently bought a rank for 20$ but did not receive it I was wondering if you can refund me my money my ign is BajaBlast4404
  15. Hi I was wondering if you can do refunds for something I never got
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  16. Join and join buycraft support room or pm an admin on here for help with buycraft situations.

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