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    VeltPvP Map 9 SOTW

    Another Awesome Map on VeltPvP. This map you guys are going to be deciding everything. All bugs are patched this map including knockback (finally) and lots more. Also bows this map will have a use (yay).

    VeltPvP Map 9 SOTW Time
    • September 17th (Saturday), ~4:00PM EST.
    VeltPvP Kit (VOTE)
    We will update you shortly once the decision has been made for the kit.

    VeltPvP Map 9 Potions
    • Speed: All
    • Fire Resistance: All
    • Invisibility: None
    • Instant Health: All
    Extra Information
    • We will be having epic roads again
    • Spawners will now spawn naturally, because of this we will no longer sell spawners at spawn.
    • Strength will do less damage and Strength from beacons on Mini will be disabled.
    Closing Points
    Make sure you get on for SOTW. Everything will be awesome and lots of people will be on. Make sure you are there.

    Have a good map!

    - Sulium
  2. Can't believe people would vote for no enchants :( did they not see how average last map was with no enchants
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  3. Yo, you should make a strawpoll to decide whether Bard should be enabled on BigHCF.
  4. You keep making everything same. 1st. Delete STR 2 From Minihcf, You get 3 shot with Str 2 with enchantless . For the love of GOD MAKE THAT YOU CANT HIT ALLIES. Thats just dumb. Make the straw poll that there won't be Enchantless option anymore make stuff change. Everything is nice. And this is a small idea but would be REALLY COOl if you would advertise more like you'll see more people in the wild so = More kills. Im talking about minihcf btw.
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  5. Yeah, I remember you would get 3 shotted by strength 2 beacons... Don't keep that to MiniHCF, maybe BigHCF but not mini. :p
  6. Nice Sulium
    I'm HYPED!
  7. HYPE for map 9, I hope a lot of things change and I hope most bugs will be fixed for this map.
  8. It would also be pretty nice if Velt would advertise more
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  9. Is there going to be a sale?
  10. Most likely
  11. Yes.
  13. Defiantly keep strength 2 thoe just make it p1 as strength 2 make people play cautious
  14. Well, you're getting banned :/
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  15. Hey man no offense and it was childish of this dude posting this but he's right in the way that you reset the map every 2 weeks cmon bro at least 4 weeks most HCF servers are 5-6 weeks.

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  16. Maybe implement a "Squads" server? This is bascially where its normal hcf but theres no huge factions, Id say 10-12 is a good fac limit and the only kit is diamond. This would show if people are skilled in chasing, pvping and everything else in general. This is just a small suggestion, let me know what you think :D
  17. this is veltpvp right, not hcsquads??
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  18. yoooo everyone vote P1S1 for big so we don't have a repeat of last map
  19. Niggah that's what mini's for, there is no bard and no one usually uses archer
  20. The map dies after 2 weeks anyways
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