Minecart - Minecart Elevator - ClearLagg Exposed?! (ft. WeInHereBB)

Discussion in 'Bug Report' started by iCyrotex, Dec 10, 2016.

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  1. Hello Everybody!
    There seems to be a problem in KitMap. I had recently tried to make a Minecart Elevator. Although, when I placed it down, the ClearLagg wiped out the Minecart completely. The advertising message appeared in the chat box and the sound rung. I went to make another one. This time I seemed to make it, but when I sat on it and pressed LShift, it kicked me out of the World?
  2. Dont use minecart elevators, use [Elevator]
  3. Yo thanks man <3
  4. Use [elevator]
  5. As jxgs said, use [Elevator] Up on a sign
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