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  1. These are the official rules for the VeltPvP forums.
    Breaking these rules will not be tolerated.

    1. Do not spam on forum posts or peoples walls. This includes spamming peoples private messages.

    2. Do not be disrespectful towards other forum users and staff. This includes racist remarks.

    3. Do not advertise server IP's or Team Speak IP'S, as well as other pages.

    4. Use common sense when using the forums, don't act stupid, doing so will not be tolerated.

    5. Do not comment on ban appeals and ban reports that do NOT concern you in anyway. Only comment on them if you're supplying evidence for the person appealing. (No opinions)

    6. Do not use a BIAS opinion on players when commenting on there applications or interacting with them in general on the forums.

    7. Do not make DDOS/DOX threats, do not make threats of any type. This goes for DOXING players too.

    8. Do not post inappropriate content on the forums.

    9. Don't act like a staff member on the forums. This means impersonating staff, acting like us, putting your signature as a staff member and etc.

    Useful links:

    Apply for staff:
    Staff application rules:

    Staff application format:
    Translator format:

    Staff application rules:

    Report a player:
    Bug report:
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