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  1. These are the official rules.
    To quick search for a rule hit > CTRL + F and type in what your looking for.



    Hacked Clients (Includes LiteLoader)

    · First offense - Permanent Ban

    Any mod that gives you an advantage in the game is NOT allowed (Forcefield, aura, aimbot, so on). Approved Mods

    Only Ban If the client is launched.

    Cracked Ghost Clients

    · First offense - Permanent ban

    If found anywhere on your PC it will still be a permanent ban from the network.

    Paid Ghost Clients

    · First offense - Blacklist (You will not be able to buy an unban)

    If found anywhere on your PC or having a login to an paid account will result in a blacklist from the network.


    · First offense - Permanent ban

    Any external software, or client sided mods that clicks for you, or clicks over your clicks is NOT allowed. Dragclick or clicking with more than one device is also NOT allowed.



    · First Offence - Two Weeks (14 days)

    · If Admitted (7 days)

    Any mod that has entities radar on it is NOT allowed. X-ray texture packs are NOT allowed.

    Damage Indicators

    · First Offence - 2 Week Ban (14 Days)

    Using a VPN to connect to veltpvp

    · First Offence - Permanent IP-Ban.

    In Game Related

    Block Glitching

    · First Offense - 1 Warn

    · Second Offense - 2 hour Ban

    · If the Block-Glitcher Kills A Player - 1 Day Ban

    Block Glitching involves hitting a player through a block. If you are caught doing so you will be warned to stop by a member of staff. If you continue you will be banned for 3 days. If you are caught doing it again you will not be warned and will receive a scaling ban. If a player block glitches to kill another player and we find proof of this, the offending player will be banned as per above. You will only get 1 warning

    Enderpearl Glitching

    · First Offense - 1 day tempban

    When a player shoots an enderpearl into a block (most commonly: fence gates and doors) and tries to get through it. You can tell they are enderpearlglitching because most of the time, their bodies will be stuck half in and half out of the block.


    · Is Allowed (in game ONLY)

    Insiding on the HCF server

    · First Offense - 7 day tempban

    · Second Offense - 30 day tempban

    When a player takes loot from a faction and joins another faction or creates their own faction.

    Cobble Monsters/Water Griefing/Bypass Faction protection / Watering traps

    · Scaling bans (starting at 1 day)

    Includes anything that bypasses claim protection to create/destroy blocks in another factions claim when you shouldn't be able to.

    Illegal Traps

    · All Offenses - 3 day Ban

    Traps need to either kill players or give them the ability to /f home. A trap that does fails to do either of those is considered illegal. Walled up nether portals on claimed land are considered to be illegal traps.

    Nether Portal Traps

    · First Offense - Warning

    · Second Offense - 1 day ban

    DTR Evasion

    • First offense - 3 days ban
    • Second offense - 7 days ban
    • Third offense - Permanent ban
    Kicking player in order to prevent the loss of DTR is considered DTR evasion. All players involved in the DTR evasion (faction officer/leader, and online players) will be banned with the punishments listed above.

    Kick And Killing

    · First Offense – 3d Ban for all involved.

    Kicking a player from your faction then killing them is not allowed. You must give the person you kick time to f stuck.

    Alting / Ban Evasion

    · First offense - Perm ip ban

    If Someone is ban evading contact and admin or platform-admin never ban without thinking first.

    Exploiting bugs or glitches

    · First offense - Permanent ban

    The exploiting of bugs or any command such as duplicating items is NOT allowed.

    Pvp Timer Trapping

    · First offense - Warn and tp the trapped person out.

    · Secound Offense - 3d ban

    Pvp Prot Abuse

    · First offense - Warn

    · Secound offense - 1d Tempban

    Using pvp timer to gain an advantage over a player such as picking up loot whilst in pvp timer or blocking in a fight etc.

    Lying to staff

    · First offense - Admin will decide.

    Tampering with frozen players

    • First Offense - Warning
    • Second Offense - 1 Day Ban

    When a player is frozen, a player then places lava around the player or break blocks under the player. Breaking blocks under the player will make the player get kicked for flying.

    Forging fake buycraft Reciepts

    • First Offense - Blacklist

    Chat Related

    Flooding / Spamming

    • First offense - 10 Minute Mute (Minor) 20 Minute (Major)
    • Second offense – 30 Minute Mute
    • Third offense – Scaling Mutes 1 hour +
    Spamming / flooding may be considered as posting the same thing 3 times in a row in a small period of time.

    Staff disrespect

    · First offense - 2 hour mute

    This depends on the context and the severity of the messages, giving away personal information of a staff member or any player will be punished with a permanent ban if the player didn't give you permission to do so.


    · First offense - Permanent ban

    Inappropriate chat content

    · First offense - 1 hour mute

    · Second offense - 24 hour mute

    · Third offense - Permanent mute

    Death Threats/ Suicide jokes/Telling someone to kill themselves

    · Death Threats/ Suicide Jokes/ Telling Someone To Kill Themselves

    o First Offense - 24 hour Mute

    o Any Other Offense - 2 Day Mute

    · Using the term “kys”

    o Any Offense - 24 hour mute

    DDoSing/DoSing/Doxing/DDoS Comedy

    · First Offense - Permanent Ban

    · Second Offense - Blacklist

    These are considered federal crimes in most countries and will NOT be tolerated on our servers. If you have any evidence of somebody committing these acts, please show an Admin.. This includes ALL DDoS threats, joke or not.

    Posting Ip’s in chat

    Posting Player / server ips.

    · First Offense= Permanent Ban

    Posting Teamspeak IP's

    · Any Other Offense = 30 Minute Mute

    It is not ok to post any kind of ip in the chat. This includes teamspeak ips and personal ips. You may also be banned for ddos threats when posting ips in chat.

    Spam / false use of ./report or ./helpop

    · First Offense= Warn

    · Second Offense = 1 Hour Tempban

    Spamming or falsely using /helpop or /report will lead to punishments. Using ./report and ./helpop falsely also wastes staff time and clogs up there chat.

    Racial Slurs / Racism

    · First Offense= 2 Hour Mute
    · Any other Offense = 12 Hour Mute

    Using the word “nigga” Is fine aslong as you do not offend anyone in the chat. Using the word “ni***r” is not allowed and you will be punished for it. This also goes for any type of racial slur.

    Bypassing Mute.

    · First Offense= Warn

    · Secound Offense = 1 Hour Tempban

    When you are muted or when global chat is muted it is muted for a reason, Bypassing the mute by changing your faction name or using helpop for small talk is not tolerated and you will be punished.

    Account Sales

    · First offense - Perm Mute

    ETB Encouragement or “ETB” in chat.

    · First Offense= Permanent Mute.
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