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  1. IGN (Include Previous Names Also): Rtx_ and you can find my other names here,
    Age: I am currently 16 years old.
    Timezone: Current Timezone: EST
    Location: United Sates, North East.
    Gender (Other): Male.
    How many hours can you play each day?
    My schedule really varies on the day of the week. I'm going to keep this question quite simple and short so it is easy to understand when I will be able to get on. During the week as a normal teen-age boy I have school, and obviously school comes before video games. I will be able to get on around 3pm EST and play until around 6:00pm and from there I have basketball practice usually around the time of, 7:15pm. Weekends are a little bit different and on weekends I am able to get on a lot more than week days. Weekends I usually do not have much going on until later on in the night, during mid day I will be able to play for a good 4 to 5 hours with beaks in-between. That is when I will be able to play. PS: I will let an Admin know when I will not be able to attend to the server, or any staff meetings.
    Have you had any past experience?
    Yes actually I have had some past experience, not only on big servers but also on some small servers when I first started out. Obviously when everyone first starts out getting staff on servers, you learn new commands and skills, but once you start to become staff on more servers you learn a lot and become a professional art what you do. I won't keep rambling on and ill explain my past staffing experience below.
    ViperHCF: ViperHCF is a fairly big network, and has good player base. I was staff on here for a couple of weeks and made it to the rank of Moderator until I was demoted for inactivity, and the message I was sent was that I did not tell an Admin I was going to be gone. I understand why I was demoted and will make sure that if I get accepted on here that will not happen again.
    VeltPvP: Yes, as a matter a fact I was staff on here before, and to me I felt like I did an amazing job, although the reason I was demoted was again for inactivity..... I made a huge mistake and forgot to tell I was going to be gone for a day, I am sorry and this will not happen again.
    McCritz: McCritz is a very old server, I was a Manager /Admin on this server, they had a player base of around 400 players, the server was owned by 3 people, yellowandred5, vintage_gunner and budokkan a 400 thousand YouTuber. I was not demoted, the server was shut down due to the owners being swatted.
    McDreamz: I was an Admin on McDreamz a while back, the server is not really a thing anymore sadly, but I was close with Erkums and Cameron. They had a player base of around 300 at the time and when they first opened each map they had a good 500+.
    Are you staff on any other servers currently?
    No I am currently not staff anywhere else.
    Why should you be chosen as a staff member?

    Firstly I feel that having experience is a very important thing to have, it shows that I know how to do my job and it also shows my maturity and professionalism level. As I said in the experience question I have been staff on a lot of servers, a lot of big and a lot of small servers. I feel that by having experience there is a lot that I am able to bring to this network. I also feel having experience is important because I know what i'm doing and should be chosen as staff over any other applicant applying. I feel that with my experience and my knowledge of the game and staffing, I will be able to help and support players quicker, faster and will be able to provide them with the best support out there. Another reason having experience is important is because I will be able to help support my fellow staff members if they are not to sure on how to screenshare, or even just simply help a player that needs help.
    Secondly I should be chosen as staff because i'm loyal and dedicated. I'm loyal to the server and dedicated and I show it by being active on all aspects of the server, such as; forums, server and teamspeak, interacting with all these are very important so you can get to really know your community you are applying for. I feel that I am more active than others because of my dedication and loyalty towards the server. Being dedicated is also important because it can mean the difference between getting promoted or demoted, but most importantly accepted or denied. I feel that by being more dedicated and loyal should get me accepted over any other applicant applying.
    Thirdly I want to help out the community, I want to make the community a better place to be. And I am able to do that because I am a friendly and kind member that all he wants to do is help and support the various players that need that support. When I am in teamspeak and I see players that are not getting supported it kinda hurts me and I just wish I could have a rank to move them players and get the support and help that they need.
    I would treat the players the way I want to be treated. I will treat all the players with respect and courtesy that they deserve. When I am in teamspeak I will be mature and professional at all times when supporting players, I want to show that veltpvp hires professional and mature staff. That is why I should be chosen as staff.

    Why do you want to become staff?
    There are a ton of reasons why I want to become staff, I do not want to become staff for the rank, for the rank that is higher than anyone else, not to have more power, have more say in things, and I have noticed that some people that apply, that is all they want. But to me it means a lot more than that, I am applying for multiple reasons, but for one main reason is that I am applying to help and support the players, to make a difference on the server. If I were to be accepted I will take this job with pride, not many people do but for me, it does mean a lot to become staff because its like a real job to me and I will accept the position with pride. Another reason why I want to become staff is because I want to bring this community more together, I want to bring more players to this server because this server deserves more players than it has. By doing this I will be on everyday recording my bans and recording for YouTube to show how much fun Velt really is. Another thing that I will be able to do for the server is giving all my suggestions that I have to the owner Sulium, I will give him all my suggestions and anything that I am able to do to help and improve this network.
    When I was staff before I was on the server working and helping players there, typing in chat that if anyone needs help to please join our teamspeak and I will move you ASAP. While in chat one thing that I feel is very important is typing fast. Why you may ask, well the reason behind this is because when you freeze someone to ss them, you need to quickly let them know to join teamspeak and tell them that if they logout they will be banned. But if you are a slow typer, then the player may logout without knowing that punishment.
    For another reason I want to become staff is because I want to improve the staff team, now I know at a small rank you do not have much say over accepting staff or denying staff, but one thing you can do is give input, and helping other staff members in the teamspeak. For example when I am in ts and I notice someone helping a player in ts, I will join that channel and be very quite and listen to the staff member supporting that player, if he sounds like he is having problems supporting him then I would ask if they need help.
    There is not much more that I am able to say on why I want to become staff because I feel that I have expressed my self as much as I can. Hopefully you fully understand why I want to become staff and why I should become staff. I appreciate it if you read this whole application and would love feedback in the comments, what I should add, remove or edit. Thank you for reading!
  2. -1
    Could use a little more detail in my opinion
  3. Thanks for your feedback
  4. Hey there
    • You're a Good staff member.
    • Very detailed staff application
    • Chill and friendly
    • Goodluck +1
  5. Thank you very much !
  6. After I read over it a little more I decided to change my answer +1 I read a little more clear and changed my response
  7. I appreciate it man
  8. Just got demoted on here then went to Viper got accepted there and now you're back here within not even a week?
  9. You active on velt?
  10. It's complicated, I was told I could apply here.
  11. Yeah I'd say
  12. You keep server hopping. Staff on viper, staff on velt, staff on viper, now re applying

    Shows your not loyal

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