Important VELTPVP 2.0 REVAMP

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  1. VeltPvP 2.0 Revamp

    It's about time to see Velt have a change. We've revamped our entire network for the players. We are giving you guys what you've wanted and what you've been waiting for. We have added lots of new features that hopefully all of you guys will enjoy.

    Quick note: All of these updates will be occurring randomly through the week. We will be doing network reboots frequently so we don't have to lock the network for everyone.​

    • We've added queue priority (higher ranks are able to join faster)
    • We've added a new TOP donor rank above juggernaut called "Myth"
    • We have a new icon and sexy GFX
    • Twitter revamp with new GFX and active tweets
    • We will be doing another Staff IRL some time this week.
    • Our trailer will be coming out Wednesday :)
    • Entirely new builds for every server along with a new build team
    • We will be adding a new hub spawn
    • Updated buycraft packages
    • Brand new awesome custom map
    • We've brought back player vaults
    • We've added kill streaks with awesome rewards
    • Brand new crate loot
    • Koths are now scheduled every 2 hours
    • New build kit you are able to select which gives you building items
    • Donor kits have been added back
    • Kills, deaths, and balance is now displayed on the scoreboard
    • Map Kit for kitmap is protection one sharpness one
    • Brand new builds
    • New TOP donor rank "Myth" has access to bottle XP
    • Brand new Nether and end Koth.
    • Scheduled Koths every three hours
    • Map kit is protection 1 sharpness 1 on both BIG and MINI
    • We plan on doing an entire revamp for practice very soon

    Information Video: (N/A)
    Staff IRL: (N/A)

    Closing Points

    I really hope you guys enjoy what we've all done for Velt this time around. We've worked so hard to get all of this done and #MakeVeltGreatAgain. I hope you all come out for SOTW this Saturday at 2PM EST and checkout kitmap once it releases. Hope to see you all on :)

    Kind regards,
    - Sulium
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  2. Hype :3
  4. Can you do 2 more things. Add 6 dtr for big and make it so glistering melons only cost 1 or 4 gold nuggets. If it's 1 gold nugget just put a gold nugget and a melon next to each other. If it's 4 gold nuggets put a melon in the center and 4 gold nuggets in the top, bottom, left, and right. This makes it so you don't waste 7 gold blocks on a stack of glistering Melons.
  5. Cant wait! :D
  6. lol maybe you guys will stick to your word this time?
  7. Very nice, love you velt!! HYPE!!!
  8. My thoughts: YES BARD CAN ACTUALLY BARD SPEED 3 YES, OMFG FINALLY A FCKNG 1 HCF SERVER!! BETTER KNOCKBACK YES, DTR IS MORE LOGIC MAYBE FCKNG /ORES OR /FILTER YESSSS FINALLY 4 WEEKS MAP!!! But no, they added a new rank folks!!! 400 usd rank but there is always a sale so everyone has the rank for fck 10 usd thank you for the ultimate OP crates and the koths ofcourse every 12 hours.. But anyways, NICE TRY :D
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  9. Why you blacklisted, because you harmed loldannys egirl? R I P folks! Add me on steam btw: Cio⚡️
  10. Wow great update!! HYPEE
  11. Hype Hype!!
  12. Lets get it
  13. Hype!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I got blacklisted for saying the truth, I exposed all of the corrupt things in the system lol
  15. Finally Velt is actually going somewhere. Thanks for all the hard work, this should make the server more enjoyable.
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  16. Some suggestions toward bighcf and the server in general.
    -20 Man Factions, No Allies, 5 DTR
    -Less OP fire keys to start out with (Way to easy)
    -Decrease the ore amount, to like a normal status.
    -Advertisement, its been a while since this server has gotten some good advertisement.
    -Server is too much pay to win somewhat. It should be play to win. If its a p1 s1 map, why give the rich 12 year olds who max out their mother's credit card the ability to get s2 p2 in keys. NO more pay to win. Pay to give slight advantages to get started out.

    Some of my suggestions to make map 2.0, that would make the server pretty enjoyable.
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  17. I agree with most of this. I think the faction size right now is fine, but dontH8T is so right about the s2 p2. How is that "hardcore" when you can buy stuff to make you win a good fight? I was ganking FullerGull a few EOTWs ago and he won because he had p2 s2 and I was in p1 s1.

    And, decreasing fire key loot is really smart too. Again, how is it hardcore when 10 min into SOTW you have 2 stacks of d blocks?

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