VeltPvP Christmas Map SOTW Announcement (BAN RESET)

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  1. VeltPvP Map 14 SOTW

    Welcome to our Map 14 SOTW Announcement. We will be advertising this map on many platforms and hoping to bring velt back to life and better then ever. Some big youtubers will be playing this map you will be able to find out on SOTW :). We've fixed all of the bugs for next map, such as the duping glitch and fire res bug. We are doing a super Christmas themed map to make things very jolly and fun this map!

    For map 14 the faction size for BigHCF will be 15 with 0 allies. For Mini is will be 5 man factions with 1 ally.

    Because it's going to be Christmas on SOTW we will be adding a Christmas Key to the shop which will give you better goodies then the highest keys we have right now.

    We will also be doing a Ban Reset as soon as EOTW is over. All players that have been banned accept players who have been banned for chargeback will be unbanned.

    VeltPvP Map 14 SOTW Time

    • December 25th (Sunday) - 2:00PM EST (Christmas)

    VeltPvP Map Kit

    • BigHCF - Protection 1, Sharpness 1
    • MiniHCF - Protection 1, Sharpness 1

    Closing Points
    • Make sure you get on for SOTW. Everything will be awesome and lots of people will be on. Make sure you are there.

    Have a great map!

    - Sulium
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  2. Good luck to everyone on SOTW
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  3. This looks exciting!
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  4. Why are we doing SOTW so quick some are asking?

    Most of you guys are on Christmas break for the entire week and we'd rather not have HCF down for that entire week. Instead we're going to be working extra hard to bring HCF this Sunday at 2PM EST
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  5. Sweet :')
  6. Do it monday at least.
    Majority of the player base will not be online due to Christmas.
  7. Well Christmas day is bad for some but this gives us au's an advantage cause it will be moneday at 3am for us
  8. Ye, they would have a better player base if it wasn't on Christmas day
  9. Can't wait
  10. Kart so true, haha!!
  11. Why not just make the current map 3 weeks long? It makes a lot more sence becuase between Friday and Monday a lot of people will be travelling and especially with SOTW on christmas, it will have no players.
  12. Great announcement! I will for sure attend. Just one error in this thread, about the ban resets, you said "All players that have been banned "accept" players who have been banned for chargeback will be unbanned"
    I think you meant to say except instead of accept, just a little correction.
  13. Good luck everyone!
  14. I love it how none of Spics suggestions were implemented. The reason why this server is kinda dying is because you never do what the players want. If you do the following or some of these it will make us very happy. It's called Hardcore Factions not Easycore Factions. VeltHCF more like VeltOPHCF (Credits to Karizma)

    - Make it so you can /f home in the end
    - Remove end safezone
    - Make it so you can /f home while on ender pearl cool down
    - Add clickable effects other than wither. Speed 3, Strength 2, jump boost 7 (The only use for bard energy is wither)
    - Add /ores
    - Lower SOTW timer within 4 hours you have 10 dubs of pots a full on skybase 2 spawners and everything else
    - REMOVE P2 AND S2.
    - Do this, what ever the mapkit is, make that in the crate keys. Not 1 above it it's too op
    - if you /f who a koth it shows the capper. The point of koth is to find the capper not target the outta a capper when you know who it is
    - /Focus
    - Don't make end with creeper spawners too op. Only but 2 creeper spawners at End and 2 creeper spawners at glowstone mountain. This encourages nether PvP because the only time people are really in nether is SOTW
    - Add unbreaking to koth fires, koth lootings. Also nerf them. Instead of Looting 5 have Looting 4 unbreaking 3. For koth fires instead of Sharp 2 (or whatever it is) fire 1, Have sharp (map kit) fire 1, unbreaking 3 or 4
    - Improve the anti cheat it's so easy to BHop/Phase
    - Only 10 second /f home in the nether
    - Change glowstone mountain each map
    - Try to make a fancy TAB and make it not look aids. In the TAB have ores mined, faction list, players online, your Faction, your players online, faction DTR, (Make it so the leader has like 3 checkmarks, Co-Leader's 2 checkmarks, and Captains have 1 checkmark and normal members have none.
    - Add Co-leaders
    - Don't make crowbars 10k Make it hard to get considering it's increased ores by a lot make it like 30-40k
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  15. @Exp0rt
    I appreciate your ideas, however some of them are not going to be implemented.
    I will try to get these ideas looked at by higher staff, no promises.
    Half of these ideas will make us have to change our plugins.
    You say the server is OPHCF, some of your ideas are making it more OP.
    10 second f home in nether, jump boost 7, f home while on ender pearl cooldown?
    Some of these ideas will make it even more op, but others are good. I am pretty sure we are implementing a few of these already but I will try to get these fixed.
  16. @FFQ Then nerf stuff
  17. They will most likely implement only 3-4 of them ideas as Sotw is on sunday. If Sotw was in a week im sure they would have implemented most of these ideas due to the time they have. But some great ideas!
  18. Easier said then done, alot og these suggestions require new plugins
  19. Are you guys delaying sotw til next week? If its on christmas absolutely nobody will play

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