VeltPvP Map 10 SOTW

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    VeltPvP Map 10 SOTW

    This time we present to you Map 10's SOTW. 10 maps of VeltPvP is truly amazing and I personally thank you all for playing.

    VeltPvP Map 10 SOTW Time

    • October 8th (Saturday), ~4:00PM EST.

    VeltPvP Kit
    • BigHCF - Protection 1, Sharpness 1
    • MiniHCF - Protection 1, Sharpness 1

    VeltPvP Map 10 Potions
    • Speed: All
    • Fire Resistance: All
    • Invisibility: None
    • Instant Health: All

    Extra Information
    • Ores will be increased
    • Koths will be running every 3 hours
    • Strength debuffed on BigHCF
    • Strength removed from beacons on MiniHCF
    Closing Points
    • Make sure you get on for SOTW. Everything will be awesome and lots of people will be on. Make sure you are there.

    Have a good map!

    - Sulium
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  2. So sotw will come september 17th. k. And dont use old strawpolls.
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  3. Hyped! Finally, the strength beacons on Mini will be debuffed. Also, maybe consider disabling debuffs?
  4. Why disable debuffs? They're part of hcf
  5. whoops forums were down and the post messed up. Edited it check again.
  6. Very hyped !!! Can't wait!
  7. Not another 2 weeks map plssssss?
  8. I hope not either ;c
  9. Deleting all the negative comments? smh shit staff
    also thanks for listening to the community and not copying the other maps!!
  10. nice job deleting comments telling the truth
  11. whats next velt staff team? a ban for telling you brain dead fucks how to fix the server
  12. Dude could you please stop bringing these negative comments. Thankyou
  13. wtf p2 s2 on mini??
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  14. Looks good!
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  15. Nice going to be a sick map.!
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  16. Hope I can get unbanned before SOTW! Thanks alot!
  17. Make the dtr 4 instead of 4.5?? Makes it more fun instead of almost impossible to go raidable
  18. Also make the glistening melons like other servers? Like only a stack of gold ingot to make a stack of glittering melons.

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