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  1. VeltPvP Map 8 SOTW

    Another Awesome Map on VeltPvP. We've fixed all off our issues. Removed bard completly off mini hcf, strength and sharpness. Everything is now perfected with Mini.

    We've Impletented amazing Hit Detection and Knockback that will make the server lots more smooth. We've also fixed lots of bugs that has happened with previous SOTW's. Brewing and Smelting has been 100% fixed and will work on SOTW.

    Additionally, in order to celebrate I am doing a HUGE giveaway.

    VeltPvP Map 8 SOTW Time
    • August 27th (Saturday), ~2:00PM EST.
    VeltPvP Kit (VOTE)
    We will update you shortly once the decision has been made for the kit.

    VeltPvP Map 8 Potions
    • Speed: All

    • Fire Resistance: All

    • Invisibility: None

    • Instant Health: All
    Extra Information
    • This Map Roads will be changed (yay!)
    • Koths are now SCHEDULED so they will be going off every 3 hours. (YAY!)
    • New Improved kb and hit detection. (YAS!)
    • Everything fixed on MiniHCF. (HELL YAS!)
    • More Increased Ores (NO MORE XRAY :DD)
    Closing Points
    I hope you all stop by for SOTW. I really think this is going to be a good one. We've all put lots of time and effort into this map and I hope you stop by.

    Have a good map!

    Much love, Sulium <3
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  2. Sounds awesome! Can't wait for the map to begin ;) I hope to see everyone there!
  3. Velt has pleased multiple different players I'm sure this map will be just as good if not better. #Hype
  4. This map is gonna be lit. Stay tuned :D
  5. Hype for admin series??
  6. Hype cant wait.
  7. Will be hype just like every other one! #itslit
  8. I say P2S2 because that way, you actually have to work for your sea instead of just level 1 enchanting them and boom, you have a set. Hype for SOTW!
  9. Woop woop ;)
  10. Fucking awesome updates! How long will the Sotw time on MiniHCF be? This is so that I can plan out what me and my faction are going to do. Also everyone vote for P1 S1 for Mini!
  11. Can you help me out Sulium?? pm me on the forums if we can talk about ''staff''.
  12. Hyped I can't wait man!
  14. Do all bans reset on SOTW?
  16. For Mini HCF have it so that the Sharpness is 1 above the protection like Prot 0 S1 or like P1 S2. Bard is removed so in team fights, it would be harder to quickdrop people and fights would take too long. I mean theres no str so this is just a suggestion. Make the Sharpness 1 above the protection?
  17. you should add 3 min invis just for a bit more fun :/
  18. The giveaway is going to happen Saturday at STOW?
  19. I'm Hyped. :)
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  20. Who won the ranks its not Friday.

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