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HCF Rules


These rules are updated often, so please keep up to date on them. It is not our fault if you do not stay up to date on our rules.  


The following scenarios are ALLOWED on our HCF servers:

  • Drowning players in traps is ALLOWED.
  • Using blocks to suffocate logged out players is ALLOWED.
  • "Griefing" for the sole purpose of destroying a string trap is ALLOWED.
  • Killing your faction if you get kicked and given no warnings to leave the base is ALLOWED.
  • Kick and kill a faction member with less than 6 hours play time if they do not leave the base after being verbally warned is ALLOWED.
  • If players are close to a fence gate (within hitbox radius) and they break it to enderpearl through the fence, this is ALLOWED. This is only allowed on the servers where pearling through fence gates is enabled.


1. The use of X-Ray is not allowed.


2. DTR Evasion is not allowed.  


3. No Killing or Hitting Players Through Blocks (Also includes shooting them).  


4. No Kicking and Killing players with under 6 hours of play time.


5. No F Home Trapping.


6. No Slave Labour. If you invite a player for the sole reason of them putting in a LOT of work for the faction, and then kick and kill said player, this is not allowed and would result in a punishment.


7. No Portal Trapping. Portal trapping is not allowed. If a player dies to this, they will be revived and will be refunded their DTR and items. The offending players may be banned.


8. No Disruptive Claiming. The claiming of land around other teams for the purpose of trolling that team is prohibited.


9. No Exploiting Bugs or Glitches. The exploitation of any bugs or glitches, including but not limited to: Boat Glitching, PvP Timer Glitching, or any other bugs or glitches may result in punishment.


10. All forms of using a Minecart Elevator to gain access to a base are strictly disallowed, with the exception being full LOS (line of sight) to the minecart. For example, if BizarreAlex finds a hole in AlzC’s base, which leads him to a minecart elevator, he may use it to gain access to the upper levels. All other forms of this are strictly disallowed, including but not limited to:

  • Breaking a block to gain line of sight to a minecart, then using it.
  • Abusing a minecart’s hitbox (using it through the wall with no Line of Sight contact)
  • Even if a little corner of the minecart is visible through the wall, it is still not allowed.
  • Driving a minecart through open bottom fence gates to gain access to a base.
  • Enderpearl Glitching
  • Minecart Glitching
  • Exploitation of any game breaking bug
  • PvP Timer Abuse


11. Don't create a faction with an objectionable faction name.


12. Don’t hold players hostage.


13. No Betraying, Don't betray your faction.


14. No Excessive Griefing. Excessively griefing a faction can result in a rollback and punishments for the offending players.


15. No allying, unless specifically stated (You cannot ally with a 1 man.)

Step 1

Connect to VeltPvP from your Minecraft server list or through

Step 2

Type the following command /register (your e-mail).

Step 3

Check your e-mail and click the activation link.